FTDI based USB-UART v2

module usb-uart v2

This is a newer version of my USB-UART design.

As in the previous version, 2 LEDs shows the reception and transmission status.

The high state voltage of the UART output can be chosen between 3.3V and 5V with a switch. On the connector, we get, in order : 5V, ground, reception (RX), transmission (TX) and 3.3V.

Schematics and PCB are designed under Altium Designer. Here is the project. And the PDF file.

The PCB has been made by PCB-Pool.

More pictures in the following :

These are photos of a slightly different one : the switch is replaced by a jumper. This allow the user to choose an high state voltage of the UART other than 3.3 or 5V : it depends on the voltage put on the middle pin.

photo usb-uart v2 photo usb-uart v2

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