Dynamo battery charger

Photo du montage

This thing let you charge batteries by pedaling. I made it for friends willing to do a European tour by bike. They needed to be autonomous with their camera and flashlight, thus needed a system for charging AA and C batteries.

photo du montage ouvert

The circuit is made around a max713 IC. We can choose to charge 1, 2, 3 or 4 batteries at once. We can also choose 2 loading rates. The charge state is shown by 2 LEDs. The schematics are below :

schéma electriqueYes, it is made in the old-fashionned way ! :)

Be merciful, I made this circuit in my early days in electronics ! By the way, this is one of the first home-made PCB I’ve done.

I haven’t the source any more, only the picture below. I can’t even remember which software I used.

Circuit imprimé

Stop it ! You are not allowed to laugh on that trail that goes around ! This circuit worked well, and has been useful.

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  1. alex’s avatar

    Bonjour, je suis tres interessé par votre shéma de montage, mais l’image ne s’affiche pas.

    Pourriez vous me faire parvenir les photos par mail s’il vous plait?





    1. rousselmanu’s avatar

      C’est réparé ! Merci de m’avoir prévenu :)




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