IM-Me Hacking – Tetris

After reading the articles by Travis Goodspeed and Dave, I couldn’t resist: I bought an IM-Me on Amazon, which I received last week. I tried the spectrum analyzer => amazing.

I am now programming a Tetris for this cute device. Normally it will soon be playable.

In the meantime, this is my program which plays the tetris theme with the buzzer of the IM-Me (connected to the P10 pin of the cc1110 microcontroller). You can grab the sources on the googlecode svn. Appart from “tetris.c” and “tetris.h” the source files are from the articles mentionned above. This openoffice file is used to calculate the frequencies of the notes and the values for the program. You can easily change the code to play any music: you just need to list the notes and their duration.

Here is the beginning of the tetris theme played by the IM-Me: tetris

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