IM-ME Hacking – Tetris-Me

Here we go! You can now play Tetris on the IM-Me!

The display of the pieces on this LCD screen was a bit of a headache! But the result is fast and practical enough. Please take a look at the sources: There are enough comments to understand, I think! You will also find a small library for generating pseudo-random numbers, and a library to play music (based on the sources I posted last week).

I would be happy to have feedbacks, so feel free to send me your suggestions, report bugs or request features.

Big thank you to Travis Goodspeed and Dave who have established the ground-work for hacks on the IM-Me.

The programmer I used is a Goodfet (extremely useful programmer and more)

You can get the sources here, and the precompiled hex-file here.

Some pictures are following:

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  1. rousselmanu’s avatar

    Thank you! I tried yours yesterday, it’s really fun (I didn’t managed to get all the coins yet! The crocodile guys don’t feel like it) :)



  2. Roussel’s avatar

    Amazing ! Really !




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